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Steps for Warping

  1. Find the first “1” in the section of the song you want to loop and add a warp marker there

  2. Right-click on that first warp marker and set it to 1.1.1

  3. Find the second “1” in the song and add a warp marker there

  4. Move the warp marker you just added to the beginning of the second bar according to the grid.

  5. Note the segment BPM at the second warp marker and change the project tempo to match this BPM value

  6. Right-click on the second warp marker and select “warp __bpm from here”

  7. Add warp markers at successive “1s” by ear/eye and move them to the appropriate place on the grid


Determining Scale & Key


  1. On your keyboard, play each of the 12 notes of the Chromatic scale individually along with the piece of music in question until you hit on the note that feels like “home”. This the tonic. The tonic is also the key of the song.

  2. Set your push to the key you determined.

  3. Play through the Major and Minor scales in the correct key to find the scale that sounds correct.