Semester 1 Project 1: Song of the Summer


Song of the Summer


You will pick a song you have been listening to recently and create a project that is inspired by that song. You will analyze that song to determine the sounds/instruments that were used in it, and then you will compose a song using at least one of the elements you identified, taking care to make sure that that element is sonically similar to the version from your inspirational song.


For this project you can,

  • Sample (If you sample a pitched element, you will need add an original pitched element in the SAME KEY as the sample)

  • Record an instrument

  • Sing

  • Rap

Or any combination these.


  • Your project must make use of at least one sound/instrument that you identified from your inspirational song, and it must be sonically similar to the version from your inspirational song.

  • Your project must be between 1:30 and 3 minutes long.

  • Your project must have appropriately balanced levels between the tracks.

  • Your project must have 2 or more tracks that are NOT panned to the center.

  • You must sequence your song so that it evolves/changes over time.

  • You must use at least one instance of the “Auto Filter” effect.

  • You must either automate the filter on and off and/or automate the frequency of the filter.

  • Your song must contain at least one pitched element played or programmed by you.

  • Your project must contain at least 4 tracks

  • Your project must contain reverb & delay

  • You must use automate the volume of the master track to create a fadeout

Song of The Summer Survey


Due Date:

Thursday, September 12th


Semester 1 Project 4: Final Project

For this project, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Sample from a vinyl record.

    • Your sample must include pitched information. 

    • You must add a melody, a bass line, or a chord progression in the same scale and key as the sample.

    • You must chop (rearrange) the sample.

    • Your song must include at least 4 tracks.

    • Your song must be between 1 and 3 minutes long.

  2. Record original vocals.

    • You must either sing or rap.

    • You must record at least 4 bars of vocals.

    • You must mix/process your vocals so that they sound professional.

    • Your song must include a chord progression or a melody.

    • Your song must include a bass line.

    • Your song must include at least 4 tracks.

    • Your song must be between 1 and 3 minutes long.

  3. Record a melody or chord progression with a real instrument (guitar, bass, etc).

    • You can record any instrument you’d like. (bass, guitar, synth, drums)

    • You can loop what you record (You don’t have to play it all the way through the song.)

    • Your song must include at least 4 tracks and at least 2 of those tracks must be melodies, bass lines, or chord progressions

    • Your song must be between 1 and 3 minutes long

Regardless of which option you choose, your mix must meet the following criteria:

  • Mix has appropriate width. (Panning, stereo sounds and techniques)

  • Mix has appropriate depth. (Reverb, delay)

  • Mix has an appropriate spectral balance (EQ)

  • Song incorporates creative sound processing.

  • Components of mix have appropriate relative loudnesses.

  • Master volume is appropriate and not clipping.

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Due Date:

Tuesday, December 17th

Semester 2 Project 5: Portfolio (Final) 

You will create a website that will serve as a portfolio for all the work you have done in Audio Production


Your website must have the following features:

  • An audio player so visitors can listen to your body of work (at least 3 pieces), with written descriptions of each piece, including the techniques you used to make them

  • A list of skills you have/services you can offer

  • A general bio and description of who are and what your approach to audio is

  • A resources page, that includes a tutorial video, made by you, explaining an audio production skill or concept

  • Your website must have images/photographs

  • Your site must be easy to navigate, and ascetically pleasing

  • You must use search engine optimization so that your site can be easily found with a google search

Due Date:

May 24th/25th

Semester 1 Project 3: Halloween Heaters, Orchestral Edition


You will create a short film score using only traditional orchestral instruments.


  • Students must either use a video clip that does not have music or mute the original audio from the video. 

  • Students must include an original chord progression.

  • Students must arpeggiate some portion of a chord progression (Either by programming an arpeggiation or by using a midi arpeggiator plugin)

  • Students will add sound effects (screams, etc…) that they record themselves. 

  • Students must create a percussion track using orchestral percussion

  • Students’ scored video must be between 1:30 and 3:00 minutes long. 

  • Students must be intentional about the scale and key they are playing in – They must decide before they start writing.

  • Students’ projects must have appropriately balanced levels between the tracks.

  • Students must structure their score so that it evolves/changes with the video.

  • Students’ project must contain at least 4 tracks

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Halloween Heaters Submission Form

Due Date:

Monday, November 18th

Semester 1 Project 2: Mixing


For this project, students will compose a song using the techniques they have learned throughout the pathway. They will then hand this song off to be mixed by a classmate and mix that classmate's song in return.


This project has the following requirements:

  • The song each student creates must contain at least four tracks, two of which must be original pitched elements.

  • Each student/artist must export the multitrack audio files of their song and transfer them, using the internet, to their mixing engineer.

  • Each student/artist must provide at least two appropriate sonic references (songs that they believe to be well-mixed/sound good and are stylistically similar to their material) to their mixing engineer.  

  • Each student/mixing engineer must execute their mix with an ear toward:

    • Volume balance

    • Spectral Balance

    • Width (stereo field)

    • Depth (reverb & delay)

    • Dynamics (compression and limiting)

    • Overall texture

  • Each student/mixing engineer must provide draft mixes to and solicit feedback from the student they are mixing for, and then implement this feedback into subsequent mixes.

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Due Date:

Wednesday, October 9th