Music Production & Audio Engineering III 

Semester 2 Project 3: Your Choice

For this project, you will create a song/project of your choice.

  • Possible project ideas include:

    • A podcast

    • A song

    • A video score and Foley

  • You must discuss your plan with me and get it approved.

  • Your project must utilize a significant number of the skills we have covered during your time in this pathway.

  • Your project must include a recorded element and whatever you record must be processed with EQ and compression.

As always, your project must meet the following criteria:

  • Project is intentionally structured and evolves over time.

  • Mix has appropriate width. (Panning, stereo sounds and techniques)

  • Mix has appropriate depth. (Reverb, delay)

  • Mix has an appropriate spectral balance (EQ)

  • Song incorporates creative sound processing.

  • Components of mix have appropriate relative loudnesses.

  • Master volume is appropriate and not clipping.

Due Date:

Wednesday, February 26th