Music Production & Audio Engineering II

Semester 2 Project 1: Sample Slicing

For this project, you will create a song by sampling a piece of music, slicing that sample into smaller pieces, and then rearranging those pieces to create something new.

• Your sample must be from a piece of music with rhythmic and pitched information (Meaning it can’t just be a noise, a drone, speech, etc…)

• Your sample must have been recorded before 1995.

• Your sample must be correctly warped.

• You must slice the sample using the Simpler and rearrange the slices.

• You must correctly determine the scale and key of your sample.

• You must add at least 1 programmed/played pitched element in the key of the song.

• You must use an EQ8 equalizer to highlight certain parts of your sample.

• Your song must be between 1 minute and 3 minutes long.

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Due Date:

Thursday, January 30th