Music Production &

Audio Engineering I

Semester 1 Project 5 - Semester Final

For this project, you must choose one of the following options:

  1. Write an original chord progression.

    • You can use any instrument you’d like.

    • You must use at least 2 chords in your progression.

  2. Record original vocals.

    • You must either sing or rap.

    • You must record at least 4 bars of vocals.

  3. Record a melody or chord progression with a real instrument (guitar, bass, etc).

    • You can record any instrument you’d like. 

    • You can loop what you record (You don’t have to play it all the way through the song.)

In addition, everyone must include the following features:

  • You must use a delay effect to create a drop.

  • You must pan two of your tracks somewhere other than the center.

  • Your song must contain at least 4 tracks.

  • Your song must contain at least one original melody - Be intentional about the scale and key you are playing in – Decide before you start writing and set your Push to that scale and key – You cannot use C Major

  • Your song must contain at least one original drum pattern – Be intentional about the tempo of your song – Set it before you start programming drums.

  • Your song must be between 1 and 3 minutes long.

Due Date:

Monday, December 16th

Tuesday, December 17th

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