What We Are About

Combining Audio Engineering & Musicianship

The High Tech Early College Audio Production Pathway employs an approach to music and music technology education that is completely new. Over the last 60 years or so, the studio itself has come to serve as a creative tool for musicians. More and more, the lines between the audio engineer, the producer, the composer, the arranger, and the performing artist have become blurred. The advent of the Digital Audio Workstation and the proliferation of cheap-yet-powerful music production equipment have made it possible for one person to create a musical piece from start to finish on their own, using just a computer. The HTEC Audio Production Pathway takes advantage of this paradigm shift in the way music can be created by combining education around music engineering and music composition into a single pathway. These formerly separate disciplines are now united through the single goal of one student creating a musical product they are proud of, from beginning to end.


Project-Based Learning in Context

Nothing students learn in the Audio Production Pathway is abstract. In the HTEC Audio Pathway, students learn music theory so that they can add compelling instrumentation to their compositions; they learn how to use effects and processing equipment in order to make their music more sonically appealing. Each piece of knowledge and each new skill is immediately put to use by the students in order to create something they are proud of.

Innovation & Risk-Taking

Out motto in the HTEC Audio Production program is, "Push buttons and make mistakes". Students are expected to push themselves to learn new skills and to take their existing skills to new heights. They are also expected to stretch the limits of our artistic expectations. We believe brilliant music is about making something no one has ever heard before. As such, students are rewarded for taking artistic risks.

If you would like to learn more about what we are about, check out this article about HTEC audio Production in 303 Magazine.


Denver Youth Music Awards


April 26th

The Denver Youth Music Awards is a contest and event for young musicians in Denver. The DYMAs provide an opportunity for young people to showcase their talents, network with other musicians, and learn from professionals in the industry. Come see us at tiny.cc/dymas to learn more, make a submission, and vote!    

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